The BOSTONWRESTLING.COM super-site powers the Millennium Wrestling Federation. Based in Melrose, Massachusetts, the MWF was the vision of Dan Mirade and Neil Manolian, established in January of 2001, inspired by the late "Boston Bad Boy" Tony Rumble.  John Cena Sr. became minority owner in September 2007, purchasing Mr. Manolian's partial company stock.  The MWF's goal remains to provide wrestling fans with quality professional wrestling featuring the superstars of yesterday, today and tomorrow with a heavy dose of respect to the sports history.  The MWF presented it's first event on September 28th, 2001 and remains the leader in New England wrestling, raising tens of thousands of dollars for local charity as we continue to our "Keep The Kids Off The Streets" initiative.  In 2010, the MWF expanded it's live event brand into the Carolina's, setting company attendance records.  MWF television programs have been viewed by hundreds of thousands of fans throughout New England and on-line by fans in over 60 countries as we continue to brand our innovative, state-of-the-art Studio Shoot Interview DVD home video series.  MWF events and superstars have been featured in television, newspaper and radio mediums as The Boston Globe, The Howard Stern Show, KISS 108FM, The Eddie Andleman Show, ESPN Radio, CN8 Sports Pulse and  The MWF has worked on events outside of live wrestling as well, including two Boston movie premieres of WWE and Lionsgate's "The Condemned" featuring a Q&A with "Stone Cold" Steve Austin; The Iron Sheik appearing on the Hi-Fi Network in Toronto;  and promoting the Wrestling's Living Legends reunion the morning of WrestleMania 23 in Windsor, Ontario, Canada.  The MWF proudly  maintains strong relations with both World Wrestling Entertainment and Spike TV's Total Non-Stop Action.  The Millennium Wrestling Federation has been proudly named Special Olympics Partners 2011-2015.

Prizes Include:

Sting Autographed PPV Poster!

Rob Van Dam Money In The Bank
   PPV Chair!

Hulk Hogan Autographed 11x14

John Cena Autographed 11x14

Daniel Bryan Autographed 11x14

Rob Van Dam Autographed 11x14

Uso's Autographed 11x14

Ted DiBiase Autographed 11x14

Vader Autographed 11x14

Demolition Autographed 11x14

Carlito Autographed 11x14

Tony Atlas Legends House
    Autographed 11x14

Al Snow Autographed 11x14

CM Punk WWE 3-DVD set

Bret Hart WWE 3-DVD set

The Rock WWE 3-DVD set

Hardy Boyz WWE 2-DVD set

Shawn Michaels Superstar DVD

WWE Extreme Rules 2012 DVD

WWE Hell In A Cell 2012 DVD

WWE Attitude Era 3-DVD set

Al Snow Autographed HEAD

Chris Jericho hardcover autobio

Cowboy Bill Watts autobiography

Billy Robinson autogiography

King of New Orleans JYD bio

Chris Kanyon autobiography

WWE 50 hardcover book

Harley Race autographed photo

MOM Oscar autographed photo

Ted DiBiase autographed photo

Iron Sheik autographed photo

Hardcore Holly autograph photo

Missing Link autographed photo

Boogeyman autographed photo
1 Ticket $5 -- 3 Tickets $10 -- 7 Tickets $20 -- 20 Tickets $50 -- 50 Tickets Only $100!

-  Per John Cena Sr., RaffleMania is now open to every fan in the world! 

-  Once your tickets are purchased, your numbers will be put into the pot 

-  Right after WrestleMania 31 Sunday, March 31st, we select one winner 

-  Winner can pick up all of their items at the studio, or, have them shipped 

Monday Night Wars WWE/WCW DVD

Kofi Kington Superstar DVD

WWE Over The Limit 2012 DVD

WWE Survivor Series 2012 DVD

Autographed Bottle Jim Ross Sauce

Kofi Kingston Autograph WWE 8x10

Hardcore Holly autobiography

"WrestleCrap" book

"Swimming With Piranhas" book

"Mad Dogs, Midgets & Screw Jobs"

"Capitol Punishment" WWE book

WWE Ultimate Superstars book

Duke of Dorchester autograph 8x10

Tony Atlas autographed photo

Al Snow autographed photo

Demolition autographed photo

Carlito autographed photo

Kamala autpgraphed photo

Shelton Benjamin autograph photo
WWE Greatest Superstars 80's 3-DVD set

WWE Royal Rumble 2012 DVD

WWE SummerSlam 2012 DVD

"The Stranger" with Steve Austin Blu-Ray

Carlito Autographed Apple

Jimmy Snuka Autographed WWE 8x10

Death of WCW (updated edition)

Heroes & Icons:  Wrestling Hall of Fame

"Slam! Wrestling - Shocking Stories"

Bruce Hart autobiography

WWE Encyclopedia - 2nd edition (signed)

30 Years of WrestleMania hardcover book

Ivan Putski autographed photo

Paul Bearer autographed photo

Vader autpgraphed photo

Jay Lethal autographed photo

Ron Simmons autographed photo

Scotty Too Hotty autographed photo

Eddie Edwards autographed photo

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